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The U.S. Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Market: Opportunities and Challenges
Jun 21 24

The U.S. market for food processing and packaging machinery is highly competitive and mature. In this analysis, we explore technological trends, customer profiles, the perception of Spanish brands, and the obstacles and recommended strategies for companies seeking to establish themselves in this sector. 

Technological Trends Shaping the Market 

Technological advancement is a decisive factor in the food processing and packaging machinery industry in the U.S. The main trends point towards: 

  • Automation and Digitalization: The incorporation of automated machines and digital control systems has become essential to improve efficiency and reduce human errors. 
  • Sustainability: Increasingly, companies seek to reduce their carbon emissions and use recyclable materials in their packaging processes, responding to the growing demand for environmentally responsible practices. 
  • Food Safety: Technology that ensures the traceability and safety of food products is crucial due to the industry’s stringent regulations. 

Diversity in Machinery Types 

The types of machinery most imported in the U. S. of this sector are: 

  • Processing Equipment: Leading the imports are machinery for the bakery and pastry industry, followed by machinery for the meat industry, then machinery for the canning industry, and finally machinery for the dairy industry. 
  • Packaging and Wrapping Machines: This category includes machinery for packing and wrapping, packaging machinery, cleaning and drying machinery, and corrugated cardboard machinery. 

There has been a positive trend in the number of imports across all mentioned types of machinery from 2020 to 2023. 

Customer Profile 

The U.S. market is known for its highly demanding and mature customers. Their main demands include: 

  • Superior Quality: Customers highly value the durability and efficiency of products over design. 
  • Local Technical Service: The availability of local technical support and spare parts is crucial. 
  • Preference for American Products: Despite this preference, there is also an appreciation for the quality and innovation of international products. 

Perception of the Spanish Brand in the U.S. 

The perception of Spanish products in the U.S. market is favorable, known for: 

  • Quality: Recognized for their high quality. 
  • Flexibility and Innovation: The ability to adapt to customer needs and continuous innovation are strong points. 

Obstacles on the Path 

Companies face several challenges when trying to enter or expand in the U.S. market: 

  • Inflationary Pressure: Inflation has reduced purchasing power, affecting the demand for machinery. 
  • Regulatory Complexity: Machinery in the United States must comply with UL regulations. 
  • Lack of Local Technical Service: The absence of local technical support can hinder product acceptance. 

amec Services for Internationalization in the United States 

  • Participation in Sector Fairs: IPPE Atlanta, IBIE Las Vegas, and Pack Expo Las Vegas and Chicago. 
  • amec’s U.S. Delegate: Can conduct distributor searches, analyze preferred geographic areas by tariff heading, find suppliers and managers, etc. 
  • Consulting and Prospective Services: amec offers consulting services on tariffs, visas, and regulations, as well as prospective services that include lists, reports, trade missions, etc. 
  • Networking and Collaboration: Share knowledge with amec companies about the market and help companies collaborate on projects in the United States. 


The U.S. market for food processing and packaging machinery offers fertile ground for companies that can adapt to its demanding requirements and regulations. Spanish companies, with their recognized quality and innovation, are well-positioned to capitalize on these opportunities if they can implement effective strategies for market adaptation and presence. 



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