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Spanish Food Technologies & Ingredients

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The sector includes the following subsectors


The Spanish food technology and Ingredients brings together a significant diversity of technology and subsectors and allows solutions to most food processes with optimal levels of efficiency.


amec alimentec is the Spanish Association of Machinery, Technology, Ingredients, and Services for the Food Industry..


amec aefemac is the Spanish association of manufacturers and distributors of machinery for the meat industry.


amec afespan is the Spanish association of manufacturers of machinery, ovens and equipment for bakery and pastry.

  • Bakery and milling equipment
  • Machinery and equipment for the meat industry
  • Dairy industry
  • Machinery for fruit and vegetable processing
  • Machinery for processing and preserving
  • Oleic machinery and equipment
  • Machinery to produce coffee, wine, etc.
  • Refrigeration installations
  • Food safety and hygienic equipment
  • Ingredients and additives
  • Casing

Evolution of the Spanish exports

(10 main export destinations)


Main tendencies within the Spanish sector landscape

The needs of consumers are changing and are linked to preferences, their habits and the quality of the product. The market demands innovative solutions and products, which necessarily require new production processes and technology.


In response to demand, the industry imposes challenges that drive innovation such as the development of equipment and solutions related to food safety, hygienic design, production efficiency and profitability, sustainability, energy savings, optimization of processes, and digitization.

Main competitive advantages of Spanish companies


Latest technology showcase.

Innovation & efficiency at its highest performance.

Customer connection like no one else does.

Tailored solutions for each project.


The manufacture of the machines tailored to the needs of the customer, the close and personalized treatment, together with the cutting-edge technology, make the Spanish manufacturer the ideal supplier. It is also remarkable the high degree of internationalization of the Spanish companies.

Why should you cooperate with a Spanish company ?

Spanish companies have state-of-the-art technical and technological equipment. Their important commitment to R+D+i makes it possible to work continuously to anticipate with innovative responses, to provide competitive solutions to each customer need and to improve the product.


Flexibility, quality, innovation, proximity, trust & commitment, their main characteristics:


Flexibility: Because they are focus on your needs, manufacturing tailored made equipment and they do it easily.

Quality: Because they meet the quality standards demanded by you. Regarding hygiene and security legislation, all the machines have the CE mark, following the European Community Directives “2006/42/CE”.

Innovation: Because they know what you really need, Spanish companies are innovating in the areas of digitization, productivity & energy efficiency.

Proximity, Trust and Commitment: Because they care about you, they are close to you, with a high degree of commitment.


Good partners create a high added value proposition for the customer, this is the reason why collaborating with highly experienced companies as Spanish are, is the key to success. As food is a traditional industry in Spain, our companies know how to strive within all types of context and bring value to their collaborators.





Main values of the companies

Tailored made solutions, flexibility, a high technology, and the internationalization of companies are the main characteristics of Spanish companies in the sector.

The main innovations in the sector are:


  • Digitalization, key to monitor production through collected data and thus optimize production processes.
  • The automation of processes and industry 4.0.
  • Food safety.
  • Adaptability of machines to different sectors (meat, fish, vegetables, etc).
  • The application of the ECO DESIGN concept in machines.
  • Quick adaptation to growing environmental requirements, through lower energy consumption and commitment to the circular economy / sustainability. In recent years it has been possible to observe how energy efficiency is an increasing factor of competitiveness.



Tailored made solutions, flexibility, a high technology, and the internationalization of companies are the main characteristics of Spanish companies in the sector.




We can highlight world leading companies in practically each of the types of machines in the sector

We can highlight world leading companies in practically each of the types of machines in the sector. Innovative companies that manufacture state-of-the-art equipment, and that are prepared to give the best response to the most demanding customer.




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