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LIPSA is a leading company in refining vegetable oils and fats for all types of food, feed and technical applications. Since we started in 1973, our goal has been to become the benchmark supplier for all our customers worldwide, continuously providing them with high added-value solutions.


With a catalogue of more than 20 raw materials and the possibility of adding additives and creating mixtures, we have the widest product portfolio in the industry. And for all the customers that would like to go a step further in their commitment towards sustainability we also have our sustainable and organic certified product range.


Our experienced procurement team works alongside the best suppliers to guarantee a supply chain for our raw materials that is safe and sustainable in social, environmental and economic terms. We also use the best and latest technology in oil refining processes, and we are at the forefront of mitigating contaminants that may be present in vegetable oils or appear during refining processes (GE, 3-MCPD esters and MOSH/MOAH) in order to guarantee the quality of all our products.


We continuously innovate our products, focusing on technology to adapt to the needs of the market and alongside our clients we develop tailor-made solutions to satisfy all their demands for plant-based oils and fats, so if you would also like to have the best partner for you oils and fats needs, LIPSA is your supplier.



LIPSA: A world of vegetable oils



Download their catalogue to find out more about their products and solutions: 




Download LIPSA's Organic Products portfolio


Download LIPSA's Infant Nutrition Products portfolio


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LIPSA is a reference in the food technology and ingredients industry. Find out how they revolutionize the Oils & Fat sector by launching a new range of products designed for sensitive applications such as infant food or pharma.


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