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HERMASA is a Spanish company with more than 50 years of experience on the design, construction and installation of complete lines and equipment for tuna and sardine canning factories. With clients in more than 70 countries, HERMASA is the most internationalized company in its sector, with patents in its designs that today are a reference in canning processes.


Its developments and continuous investment in R&D, both in new technologies and in the optimization of the resources necessary for the operation of its equipment, allow HERMASA to offer its customers the most advanced machines on the market, such as the tuna packer SMART TUNIPACK®.


During Gulfood Manufacturing 2023 we will show our clients the new tuna packing machine SMART TUNIPACK®, the latest evolution of the Tunipack® tuna packer, Hermasa’s automatic tuna filling machine.

The new features of this new evolution are added to the functionalities implemented in Tunipack® after years of canning experience in the five continents, while maintaining its main advantages:

– High production speed.

– High and constant weight accuracy in the packaging in all models by means of the Density Control System (DC System).

o The Density Control System (DC System), allows to automate processes that previously depended on the skill or error of the worker when placing the product.

o The entire can feeding process is automatic and independent of human skill or error.

– High quality of cut and presentation of final product.

– High yield, independent of the way the fish is placed in the machine and the skill of the operators working on the machine.

– Low maintenance costs.

– High versatility: filling weight adjustments by program, without the need for format change.

o The machine can handle different can heights without the need to change the format.

– Possibility of remote connection via Internet.


To these classic Tunipack® features, Smart Tunipack® adds the following new functionalities:

– Smart Tunipack® automatically adjusts the weight of the product in each can, thus setting the quality programmed by the machine operator.

– The Smart Tunipack® touch PC controls the electronic adjustment of the process speed, the packaging weight of each can and the final internal density of each unit.

– Smart Tunipack® allows real-time operating data to be obtained on the new Dashboard displayed on the machine’s PC, providing the user with relevant information for machine performance analysis and decision making.

– The Smart Tunipack® industrial PC allows the user to visualize the instruction manual and the servo graph in real time.

– Smart Tunipack® allows access to the Smart ecosystem of the Tunipack range, with the possibility of adding external elements for data acquisition and visualization.







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