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Main innovation
LACTALIP: a new range of oils and fats designed for sensitive applications such as infant food or pharma.
Demand covered or opportunity created
This opportunity came from the industry itself. Some of LIPSA's top customers were alarmed because of the recent discovery of contaminants in infant food. The customers and LIPSA decided then to engage in a process to be able to solve this problem.
Innovation process
This is a process that required the involvement of the full chain (Sourcing, Engineering, R&D Logistics,...). It took 2 months to come up with a solution, while their first estimations were around a 6 months process.
A Focus working group was created. This cross-functional group involved people from different areas from procurement to sales, R&D, industrial, marketing, etc. 6 millions euros were also invested in new equipments.
The combination of LIPSA's response and the comprehensiveness of their portfolio of products meeting the demand of their customers allowed them to grow in sensitive applications such as infant food or pharma.
As a consequence of the launch of their new products, the number of LIPSA's customers grew by 40% in 2020. While three years ago they were selling infant food and special nutrition products in seven European countries, they ended 2020 selling this category of products in 18 countries, including destinations such as USA, Mexico, United Arab Emirates or New Zealand, for instance, which were not within their sales territory before.
Recognitions or awards
In 2020, LIPSA has been recognized as the most innovative company in Spain by the El Suplemento award ("El País" newspaper)
LIPSA is continuing to invest in infant food. They are also working in a new area: organic infant food.



LIPSA is the leader in vegetable oils and fats for food, animal feed, technical applications and biofuels. With a catalogue of more than 20 raw materials and the possibility of adding additives and creating mixtures, LIPSA is the best partner to satisfy all demands for oils and fats.

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